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AJGT Waste Management Junior Classic

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 HOLE: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Total
 BLUE 351 405 179 514 171 372 502 430 415 3339 390 413 183 566 330 523 446 179 382 3409 6748
 GOLD 351 382 145 473 138 372 502 345 377 3085 357 413 152 528 330 486 306 153 334 3059 6144
 WHITE 272 303 114 404 103 237 415 345 251 2444 283 256 118 528 238 486 278 95 331 2613 5057
 PAR: 4 4 3 5 3 4 5 4 4 36 4 4 3 5 4 5 4 3 4 36 72

Individual hole distances may vary occasionally depending on course setup and conditions.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday October 2nd at Noon.
The registration deadline for AJGT events is at midnight one week prior to the day of the tournament's first round.  AJGT discounted hotel rooms should be booked early to guarantee availability and rate.

Check-In:  First day tournament registration begins one hour before the first tee time.  Players should check in at least one hour before their assigned tee time.  Players should report to the first tee ten minutes prior to their assigned tee time.  Groups may be sent off as much as ten minutes before assigned tee times depending on speed of starting. There is no second day check in, so players are asked to report directly to the first tee.

Tees/Yardage:     BLUE TEES: 6748 Yards
Boys Age 15-18
Boys Age 11-14    GOLD TEES:  6144 Yards

Tees/Yardage:     WHITE TEES: 5057 Yards
Girls Age 15-18
Girls Age 11-14

Tee Time Blocks:
Tuesday:     10:00 Start   
Wednesday:10:00 Start

Please Note:  First round tee times will be posted on the website two days prior to the first round of each event.  For second round tee times please visit the Arrowhead website.

Scorecards/Pin Sheets/Local Rules Sheets:  Distributed on first tee. 

Tournament Gifts:  Will be distributed at registration.

Pro Shop Phone for Practice Rounds:  (225) 294-9855 Call the pro shop to book your tee time for your practice round. Walking practice round is $25.00 or $35.00 with Cart, Monday thur Friday and after 1:00 pm on weekends and Holidays.

Walking:  Players and/or caddies are required to walk the entire course except when AJGT or host course officials provide approved shuttles. Players may accept any ride back to the teebox to rehit after they discover a ball is Out of Bounds or has been lost. (If no provisional tee shot has been hit). Players and/or caddies may patronize riding beverage carts if it does not slow play. There is no stopping at the turn in AJGT events. The only stoppage is for necessary bathroom breaks on the course.

Rulings:  Players will make their own rulings as per USGA regulations and local course rule instructions provided on the first tee. If player is unsure on a ruling, player should play two balls to completion of hole, record both scores, and receive correct ruling at scorer's table after round.

Scoring:  Players should request and record the score of the player whose card they are keeping on every hole. Players only can handle scorecards. Players only are allowed at the scorer's table following round. Players should not sign their card until entire pairing has reviewed round.

Pullcarts:  The caddy or player in any age group may use a pull cart.

Pace of Play:  Players and caddies are expected to abide by the AJGT Pace of Play Policy (please access link for Tour Rules and Information). Players who cause their pairing to fall behind or who maintain lengthy pre-shot rituals and cause slow play will be penalized. There is no stopping at the turn in AJGT events. Players must keep up with the group in front of them.

Caddy Bibs:  Players may use an adult (age 21 or older) caddy if they wish, but it is entirely optional. At most AJGT events, half the field will and half will not use a caddy. Adults who wish to caddy at an AJGT event must wear an AJGT logo caddy bib. To order your caddy bib from Fred's Golf, call 1-800-874-7395. Caddies must follow AJGT Caddy Guidelines (Tour Rules and Information) and must bring and wear AJGT logo caddy bib to participate in event. 


Accommodations: Please book early to insure availability and rate.

Recommended Host Hotels: 

Carter Plantation Villas ($109.00 per night), deadline for discounted rate is September 25th, 2019.  Please call 225-414-0680 for reservations and reference Arrowhead Junior Golf Classic.

Carter Plantation Villas
23475 Carter Trace
Sprinfield, Louisiana 70462
Direct Phone: 225-414-0680

Tournament Entry and Withdrawal Policies

Entering AJGT Events:

During 2019 the AJGT will observe a 2 day registration deadline before most tournaments. There is no front end date; players can register for events anytime prior to this deadline. It is wise to email ( or call (318-402-2446 or 985-630-3066) the AJGT office if you register after a tournament deadline to make sure that your registration can be accommodated. Members who pay by check must have their registration arrive in the AJGT office by the tournament deadline to insure inclusion in a tournament field. Registering online with intent to pay by check does not insure inclusion in a tournament field.

Standard Tour memberships are required to register online and will receive an automatic electronic email response confirming your registration. Express Tour memberships can register by phone or email and will receive a manual email confirmation.

Tour members who register for an event by check who wish to be included in a tournament field must mail entry early enough so that tournament entry fee is received on or before registration deadline.

Withdrawing from AJGT Events:

Green fees and an official count to the host golf club, tee gifts, trophies and other pre-tournament financial commitments by the tour require that the AJGT maintain a strict withdrawal policy. Withdrawals also often impair the integrity of pre-established pairings and put more threesomes behind foursomes and more twosomes behind threesomes, lessening the quality of the the AJGT tournament experience.

The AJGT's withdrawal policy is explained below. Complete refunds to those members who cannot play due to illness or injury. There is no refund provision for scheduling conflicts, family outings or other personal circumstances unrelated to illness or injury. There is no refund provision for potential poor weather. All tournaments will be played as scheduled unless dangerous or unplayable conditions ensue and that decision will always be made onsite. The AJGT has never cancelled a tournament in advance due to cold, hot or potentially inclimate weather. If a predicted hurricane threatens an AJGT event and the tournament is cancelled, all registrations will be honored at future AJGT tournaments.

Members who are forced to withdraw from an event prior to or during the tournament are asked to please contact the AJGT office as soon as you know you will not be there. If you call the AJGT office (318-402-2446 or 985-630-3066) and the staff is onsite at the tournament, please leave a message there and also at the pro shop of the host golf club.

There is no withdrawal form. Simply call or email the AJGT office. If you are injured or ill and cannot play, please fax (985-318-1303) a doctor's note to the AJGT office and a complete refund will be issued.

Players who withdraw from an event cannot roll their registrations over to future tournaments.

Refund Policy:
Players who register for a tournament and withdraw from an event will receive:
Withdrawals any time before registration deadline: 100% of tournament entry fee.

Rainouts/Inclement Weather Policy

Every effort will be made to play each event through to its conclusion. Play will continue in wet weather unless lightning or other dangerous conditions ensue. Players should continue to play until they hear an air horn halting play or until they see lightning and then should take shelter immediately. If the air horn is sounded and play is halted, as soon as it is safe to do so, players should ride back to the clubhouse in any available cart, including those of AJGT tournament and host course officials.

When in a weather delay we will not return to the course until 30 minutes from the last lightning strike. In the case of continual weather issues, we will give the first update on all the information available to us one hour after the first air horn. It is our responsibility to the field to do everything in our power to complete the event. With this in mind, a decision on the status of the current days round will not be made until we have exhausted all possible options to complete the days round. A number of variables including course condition, weather forecasts and time of day will be considered in our decision. We will use the pro at the course we are competing at to aid in our decision making. Please understand that we need to take our time in making this decision.

Refund Policy on Rain Impacted Events

Events in which we are able to complete at least one round and determine a champion will be considered a completed event. Events in which the tournament begins, groups begin teeing off, and we are unable to get a completed round in will be considered suspended. In this case $100 will be credited to you for a future event. Events that are cancelled for any reason will result in a full refund.


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Carter Plantation Golf Club
23475 Carter Trace
Springfield, Louisiana 70462
Course:   Carter Plantation Golf Club
Where:  Springfield, Louisiana
When:  October 5th -6th, 2019
Entry Fee:   $195.00
Sign Up: Click Here
Registration Deadline: Wednesday October 2nd at Noon.

Service Area: Alabama, Dallas, Florida Panhandle, Houston, Louisiana, Mississippi, Shreveport